VTSS Creative Integration Co.,Ltd is founded by Vince Su, an avid Designer Toys / Art sculptures collector for over 15 years.

Every Designer Toy piece is a mixture of creativity, product design, comic fantasy, and contemporary art. It's a platform for everyone to have their dream custom-made in an unique figure.VTSS is born to provide a smooth interface between artist, illustrator, modeler, toy designer and their supporters. This is the place encouraging them to explore the world with a little bit of madness; creating a playground for them to chat in common language:Which is the inner child in everyone who still dreaming.

Welcome aboard, Dreamer. 

VTSS is a young and vivid toy production group which focuses on presenting contemporary art figures, urban vinyl/resin aka Art Toys or Designer Toys, and gradually develops itself into a communication platform for many collectors, artists, and toy producers.

VTSS aims to identify talented artists and designers worldwide to bring their graphic imagination into life structure. We are not only known for premium production quality of art pieces, but also are being highlighted for our professional network to market and position each artist on the right spot. To collectors and other producers, VTSS always stands for being pioneer in the field. We offer deep knowledge and sharp concept towards collecting and making through various medias; and seek potential partners with cross-industry innovation, all to prepare ourselves to meet the rising golden era of Art Toys.

Numbers of international galleries and art craftmen that participate in the chain of Art Toys are astonishingly increased in the recent years; more and more projects with high investment value have been launched and displayed in front of the whole world. As one of the highly praised labels who never stop thinking forward, VTSS invites you to join us to create!

2000年收藏了人生第一個真正的設計師玩具開始,一個充滿熱情和想法的hardcore收藏者,擁有數以千計的收藏單品,不曾間斷過對收藏的熱忱和堅持,Vince Su將熱忱延伸為實踐夢想,於2011年延續VTSS概念,創立品牌投身設計師玩具市場,這可能是一件瘋狂的事,不過夢想也可以是現在進行式。

VTSS Creative Integration Co.,Ltd是VTSS概念的平台,也是充滿設計概念與行動力的地方,目前VTSS專注於設計師玩具(Urban Vinyl Toy / Designer Toy)領域,旨在為設計師與收藏者提供一個專業平台及創意整合的服務,同時發掘新銳設計師並將平面設計與創意付諸為實體作品,致力於研發生產高品質的當代藝術收藏作品,以收藏的概念結合電影、動畫與漫畫等的角色設計,同時亦提供專業行銷概念,建立完整的設計周邊商品,提供全球行銷計畫,除了提供收藏者頂級的收藏概念與內容,豐富品牌精神,同時也尋求異業結盟的機會,開創新一波的創意革命。