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Benny the Dreamer

Artist: OKEDOKI 
Size: 11.5 inches

Price:  USD $280

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Specification User Manual Notice


1. Tall:11.5inch

2. Weight: 5.6kg(12.5 lb.) with box

3. Box size (inch): 15.5 * 9.8 * 8.5

4. Material: polystone
[User Manual

1. Fragile, handle with care.

2. Limited to one set per household.

3. Instruction for removing figure:Please lift and remove top sponge.貼心叮嚀:請您先移開保護Benny的上層海綿以方便拿取 恐れ入りますが、Benny上のスポンジをお取り外してから、Bennyをお取り出してお願い申し上げます)

VTSS presents Limited Edition art piece Benny the Dreamer by Okedoki. Benny the Dreamer is setting a new standard in collectable art. Originally sculpted and painted by Okedoki, Benny the Dreamer has been reproduced in beautiful polystone and is individually hand painted. Each figure comes with a genuine leather scarf and is encased in a laser etched bamboo box with a metal tag of authenticity number. Only 200 pieces will be available to collectors.

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