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Toy Art 2.0

Artist: Okedoki & Jeremy Brautman 
Size: 11.5 inches

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"Toy Art 2.0" is a journey into the wild world of contemporary toy art from the fascinating perspectives of gallery owners, art producers, artists and collectors.

More than 50 interviews and essays and over 150 delicious eye candy photos tell the story of this unique community and addictively accessible art form.Toy Art 2.0 is a must for anyone with a curious mind and a deep appreciation for strange beauty. It is for the art lovers and the future collectors. It is for the eternally young at heart.

Hardcover, 290 pages

First printing limited to only 1000 copies

By Okedoki and Jeremy Brautman

Published by VTSS Creative Integration Co.,Ltd

Book Dimension: 29cm * 23cm * 3cm

Contributions from:參與者名單(以英文字母順序排列)

Alvin Tan Jian Shan, Amy Del Castillo, Ayleen Gaspar, Bigboy Cheng , Bjorn Calleja, Brandt Peters, Brian Flynn, Carl “Mutonismyfriend” Kent-Smith, Walter “Chauskoskis “Jacott, Chris Ryniak, Dan Harris, Doktor A, Dov Kelmer, Eduardo “Vinyltoyz” Olegario, Ferg, Francesco de Molfetta, Frank Kozik, Frank Schaefer, Gino Joukar, Glenn L Barr, Haynmade, Henry Loh, Huck Gee, Ian Malcolm, J*RYU, Jesse Hernandez, John “Spanky” Stokes, Jon Lao, Julie B., Justin Jewett, Kathie Olivas, Kev Taylor, Kirby Kerr, Kirkland Jue, Kristoffer “Wtfunks” Butiong, Laina Jones, Lee “Leecifer” Gajda, Luke Rook, Marcos Janri, Mark Nagata, Muschelschubser, Nakanari, Nicolas Caldas, Paul Kaiju, Phil “Plur511” Lin, Raymond Choy, Rob Clarke, Ron English, Ryan Roberts, Sara Harvey, Sergey Safonov, Skinner, StacyJean, Steve Agin, Sucklord, Vadim Tslaf, Vince Su, Yosiell Lorenzo

“Toy Art 2.0”是由來自加拿大的新銳藝術家Okedoki,和現居洛杉磯的藝術類文字工作者Jeremy Brautman共同策劃編輯,由VTSS Creative Integration Co., Ltd印刷發行的全彩英文精裝本圖書。

這本書的主旨是要為正在蓬勃發展中的藝術玩具(Art Toy / Designer Toy), 留下歷史的見證和對未來發展的想望, 從採訪,編輯,篩選訪談文稿到完成印刷, 共約耗時兩年的時間, 採訪了超過50位全球藝術玩具/設計師玩具(Art Toy / Designer Toy)領域當紅的藝術家,設計師,品牌主理人,藝廊負責人和全球著名的收藏家, 並邀請全球藝術界知名的當代藝術家Ron English為本書引言,

290頁的全彩精裝版本, 內容不僅有精彩的藝術家獨家專訪, 藝術創作的內心世界剖析和見解, 也有各品牌主理人和藝廊負責人對收藏領域的獨家看法, 各個著名收藏者更是分享了他們眾多驚人的收藏和心路歷程,

這是一本藝術玩具/藝術收藏愛好者不能錯過的經典圖書, 不僅蒐羅了過去10年藝術類玩具發展的歷史, 更可以讓閱讀者進一步了解藝術收藏領域的第一手內幕, 絕對值得一讀。

Official release date:
2014/05/08 11PM Taipei Time(台北時間5月8日星期四晚上11點),
8AM Los Angeles,
4PM London,
12AM (May 9) Tokyo.

更多照片,請至VTSS Online Gallery! For more official images,please check VTSS online Gallery.

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