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Artist: Bounce 
Size: 12 inches

Price:  USD $500

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Bounce * VTSS “Bounce青花Boy” Art Figure!

Bounce青花Boy is the latest production from Taiwanese graffiti artist,Bounce , and VTSS Art Toys ( ).

Follows up to the original “Bounce Boy” figure which has been released and reflected a buzz in 2013, the new edition of Bounce青花Boy grows vigorously based on the characteristic feature of the Bounce style and shines with a distinct and unexpected look. Collectors could easily be amazed by Bounce青花Boy’s 青花 (Blue Flowers) pattern at the first glance.

青花 (Blue Flowers), refers to a Chinese painting manner which decorates the white porcelain with blue insignia. The concept of applying 青花 (Blue Flowers) to toy figures comes from the oriental background of the artist, which adds a classic touch on a modern art piece. Art is and always will be the unified language echoes across nations, cultures, and thousand years of time, this is the statement that VTSS Art Toys and Bounce would love to make at the passing of the 2014.

12inch(30 cm) in heights. Hand-coloured poly figures are finely covered with hand-crafted laser etched wooden box. Limited to 100 pieces and has a certificate of authenticity in the form of wooden tag, signed by artist and producer.


Release date & time:November 6, 2014 8AM Los Angeles Time (11AM New York Time, 11PM Taiwan Time, 4 PM London Time, 12AM (November 7) Tokyo Time

Produced by VTSS

Bounce * VTSS “Bounce青花Boy” Art Figure

“Bounce青花Boy”是來自台灣的塗鴉藝術家Bounce和藝術玩具製造商VTSS( ,繼2013年深獲好評的首款Bounce Boy之後,再次攜手合作,此次Bounce青花Boy是以仿青花瓷釉燒質感作為發想的樹脂做品,希望藝術家具有的東方文化背景,藉由藝術玩具(Art Toy)得以風華再現。此次整體造型以Bounce個人風格線條做為青花瓷紋設計,Bounce Boy的膚色質感襯托出仿釉燒般的炫目光澤,希望在當代與傳統之間,有更具玩性的巧妙結合,也讓傳統青花瓷概念帶有更多當代塗鴉文化的”藝涵”。



發行日期:台灣時間11月6日(星期四), 晚上11點準時全球發行!

更多照片,請至VTSS Online Gallery! For more official images,please check VTSS online Gallery.

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