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Exposing My Demon

Artist: David Ho 
Size: 18 inches

Price:  USD $1000

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David Ho * VTSS “Exposing My Demon” Art Sculpture

“Exposing My Demon” is the first art sculpture created in collaboration with artist David Ho and VTSS Art Space in 2015.

It is based on one of David Ho's “The Meditating Cat” digital painting series with the same title which portrays a particular cat's "zen" approach in dealing with desires and inner peace.

This dark yet whimsical sculpture portrays a cat lifting his head up to expose his inner demon who is a bird - every cat's mortal enemy. The playful imagery evokes a sense of modern pop surrealism fused with an Asian zen flare. Measuring at a height of 18 inches, this work of art is made of polystone and comes complete with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, a wooden base and a handsome laser-etched wooden box. Limited to only 100 pieces in the world.

Debuting in April 2015 at "Young Art Taipei" to an overwhelming success, quantities of these sculptures are extremely limited. VTSS will be taking orders at their official website on November 19th on a first-come, first-serve basis. Items are expected to ship around November 27th, 2016.

“Exposing My Demon” CONCEPT--by David Ho
The Meditating Cat series is a body of work that is meant to be both humorous and meaningful at the same time. When it comes to Eastern philosophy and religion, I understand very little, but Ive always remembered a Buddhist saying "Life is suffering, and suffering stems from desires. To eliminate suffering, we must eliminate our desires..." I suppose in these body of works, I've tried to express that ideology while simultaneously fusing the dark with the humorous and the traditional with the contemporary.


Release date & time:
November 19, 2015 8AM Los Angeles
11AM New York
11PM Taiwan
4 PM London
5 PM Berlin
12AM (November 20) Tokyo

Produced by VTSS

David Ho* VTSS “Exposing My Demon” 藝術雕像

Exposing My Demon”是來自美國的藝術家David Ho和VTSS共同合作的首款實體藝術雕像。Exposing my Demon的實體概念是從David Ho”貓的禪坐”同名作品的系列平面藝術畫作而來,透過對主要角色貓的描繪,傳達慾望和內心祥寧共存的禪意。

這款暗黑又帶有點異想天開的實體作品,形塑了一隻貓抬起了自己的頭,露出了他心中的惡魔,竟是一隻鳥---可說是貓天生死敵的動物。這個看似衝突但卻又有無比玩性的概念,同時融合了西方現代超現實主義和東方禪意,激盪出別緻的火花。此款作品約18英吋(約46公分)高,同時搭配了14公分高的木製地台和深具禪風的木製包裝外盒,每款作品都有木製的藝術家和生產商親筆簽名認證暨編號的保證書,Exposing My Demon已經在2015年的台北當代國際藝術博覽會首次曝光,獲得眾多收藏者的全面性好評!全球限量100體,11月19日展開全球預購,預計11月27日展開寄送。

“Exposing My Demon” 概念發想—David Ho
David Ho出生於美國紐澤西,幼年時曾隨家人移居台灣,青少年時期返回洛杉磯成長,David在加州大學柏克萊分校取得社會學學士的學位後,本於對藝術的熱愛和成為專業藝術家的決心,他同時取得了聖荷西州立大學的藝術史學士學位。David擅長數位藝術創作,他的數位藝術作品,已經廣泛被刊登於各式的出版刊物,包含Society of Illustrators年鑑,Spectrum年鑑,應用藝術攝影及插畫年鑑,年度傳播藝術插畫,DPI雜誌,芝加哥論壇報等等。

David是這麼描述他所擅長的數位藝術: 如同在一個柵欄裡,所有心靈層面裡的壓抑,想像,瘋狂,恐懼和憤怒能夠如同脫韁野馬般恣意揮灑之處。David創作的數位藝術多半具有黑暗面的反諷意味,他的作品呈現了悲傷,絕望,隔離感和某種猶如性功能障礙般的意象。



發行日期:台灣時間11月19日(星期四), 晚上11點準時全球發行!

更多照片,請至VTSS Online Gallery! For more official images,please check VTSS online Gallery.

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