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Artist: Jona Dinges 
Size: 12 inches

Price:  USD $240

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Jona Dinges* VTSS Low Poly Viking “Seer” Art Toy

“Seer” is the second low poly viking character series by German artist Jona Dinges and VTSS.

Concept of Seer is based on Jona’s graphic and 3D design, VTSS make it into sculpture with poly stone. Seer is in 12 inch height( around 30cm) and every figure has a COA card which is signed and numbered by artist. Limited to 50 pcs in the world. VTSS will take pre-order on Arpil 9. Start to ship on middle of May.

“Low Poly ” art toy CONCEPT--by Jona Dinges
Low poly characters are somewhat like speed paintings. Building recognizable and likeable objects with the least amount of shapes. I fell in love with low poly aesthetics right from the start. Reduction in design and retro pixel art has always been something I was drawn to. Searching through the web I was surprised to find a massive amount of low poly landscapes but hardly any characters.

So I set myself the goal to explore this low poly world and combine it with my passion for character design to achieve a set of likeable low poly characters.

I chose to build the series of vikings since they have very prominent features that can easily be exaggerated. In addition there are a lot of stereotypes but each with their distinct appeal. The chieftain, the brute warrior, the old wise guy, the seer and so on. As most characters are organic beings the hardest part was to make them feel somewhat alive. I chose not to include eyes due to my first explorations where I realized that tri-angled shapes on eyes do not work well and made my characters feel dead. In the end it all comes down to light and shadow, color and shape, and building hints for the mind in order to let the imagination establish what is missing.


Release date & time:
April 9, 2016 8AM Los Angeles
11AM New York
11PM Taiwan
4 PM London
5 PM Berlin
12AM (April 10) Tokyo

Produced by VTSS

Jona Dinges* VTSS Low Poly “預言者” 藝術玩具

預言者是來自德國的藝術家Jona Dinges相當著名的多角面維京系列其中的一款角色,也是和VTSS從2015年開始展開合作的重要計畫。”預言者”這款角色發想是來自於古老北國的維京時期,在那個充斥領土侵略,蠻荒探險,文化更迭和頻繁戰亂的年代,有著各式商人,探險家,海盜和戰士,而能為這些人占卜未來的先知預言者,扮演了舉足輕重的角色。”預言者”即是在這樣的背景下,帶著暗黑的神祕氛圍,不僅有著相當精彩流暢的線條設計,同時也採用了系列常見的深咖啡色系為主,讓維京系列更有整體感。複合樹脂材質,全手工彩繪,約30公分高,每款作品都有一張藝術家親筆簽名認證暨編號的身分認證卡,手工製高磅數外盒。全球限量50體,4月9日展開全球預購,預計5月中旬展開寄送。

“預言者” 概念發想—Jona Dinges
創作多角面型(Low Poly)的角色對我來說,其實有點像是速畫,我會嘗試以最簡潔的形狀樣式來創造一個容易識別又帶點可愛的角色,我可說是一開始就愛上了多角面造型之美,尤其越簡單的設計和略帶復古意涵的畫面也是我的最愛。 其實當我透過網路搜尋多角面造型的資訊時,我很驚訝地發現有大量的多角面設計,但卻幾乎沒有角色類的創作。所以我給自己一個目標,帶著我對角色創作的熱情來探索多角面的世界,並且創造出各種有趣Low Poly角色。



發行日期:台灣時間4月9日(星期六), 晚上11點準時全球發行!

更多照片,請至VTSS Online Gallery! For more official images,please check VTSS online Gallery.

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1.No refunds or cancellations after sale is closed.

2.Please leave us a message in check out section if you need us to claim some special words or value on receipt.

3.Please contact us ( you want to have wholesale business in your country.

4.Start shipping on middle of May.

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