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Balloon Horse

Artist: Naoto Hattori 
Size: 18 inches

Price:  USD $400

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Naoto Hattori “ Balloon Horse”

Balloon Horse is the second art figure project by artist Naoto Hattori and VTSS.

Renowned for Surrealistic style and highly exquisite appearance on his art work, Naoto Hattori brings us a new imaginary world around the Balloon Animals. All animals are rounded, rolling, fluttering and floating in the secret forest. Imagination liberates the animals from gravity and their ordinary shapes in Naoto’s painting, and also symbolically encourages viewer to be free from routine. Balloon figure may not flutter like they did in the painting, but their gain on weight, texture, touch, and even the smell will surprise viewer to experience them in a new dimension.

VTSS ever released Balloon animals series in 2014, they are bull dog, elephant, monkey, sheep and owl. In 2017, VTSS will bring a brand new balloon horse which is larger, and more detailed on bronze-colored painting, also comes with an elegant marble effect base.

Balloon Horse is a Hand-colored poly-resin figure, VTSS also simulate a really amazing marble effect poly base. Every balloon horse comes with a COA(Certificate of Authenticity) which signed and numbered by artist Naoto Hattori. VTSS will take pre-orders and start to ship around early March of 2017.

Let's float & roll!

12 inch height with a 6 inch tall base.

Shipping date: Early March of 2017


Produced by VTSS

Naoto Hattori "Horse Balloon"

氣球馬(Balloon Horse)是來自日本的當代藝術家服部直人(Naoto Hattori)和VTSS合作的第二款實體作品,服部直人一直以來以他相當著名的超現實主義(surrealism)風格,極度細膩而驚人的繪畫技巧,常常在只有15公分見方不到的畫布上,表現出極度細膩的畫面構圖,同時各式各樣不知名的超現實生物,皆是服部直人內心有如夢境般的創作世界最精彩之處。VTSS曾在2014年將服部直人一系列的平面繪畫作品實體化,推出了相當受到好評的氣球動物系列,包含拳師狗,大象,猴子,綿羊和貓頭鷹,這些原本可能只能在地面奔跑的動物,卻能漂浮在森林裡,可愛又有著超現實風格的動物氣球,似乎就這麼飄進了你我的內心世界。

全手工彩繪樹脂作品,每一款汽球馬皆有藝術家本人的簽名和限定編號的認證書,極富收藏價值! 預計三月初展開寄送。



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