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Lé m on Light Edition

Artist: VTSS 
Size: 7.5 inches

In Stock
Price:  USD $140

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Lé m on

The most affectionate love I imagined is that I live as you used to be after you gone away. -《The Professional》

"Lé m on" is the second classic movies vinyl figure series which VTSS produced in 2018.

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Each set will have one piece of gun bag, one gun, milk box and a flower pot as accessories. Also sunglasses are detachable.

Shipping Date: Feb 12.Due to Chinese New Year holidays, we will stop shipping from Feb 14 to Feb 27.

7.5 and 6.3 inch height.


Produced by VTSS

"Lé m on"

我認為最深沉的愛,莫過於分開以後,我將自己,活成了你的樣子。 -《終極追殺令》

"Lé m on"是VTSS在2018年推出的經典電影系列搪膠系列作品,終極追殺令(中譯:這個殺手不太冷,英文片名:Léon , The Professional),是1994年上映,由鬼才導演盧貝松執導的經典電影,相信這部電影大家應該都看過,甚至看了好多遍發現越來越愛這部電影。頂尖的職業殺手,遇上了貿然求助的少女,理應事故但卻內心慘白的殺手,遇上了理應純真但卻又早熟無比的少女,兩者間的互動和些微曖昧的情愫,交織導演俐落的動作場景鋪排,殺手直至生命的最後一刻才向小女孩吐露心中對她的愛,不甚完美之中有點淒美的結局,相信直至23年後的今天看來仍是精彩動人。經典之所以為經典,就是能讓人再三回味,VTSS的經典系列也是如此,我們希望讓最經典的片段就算瞬間也能成為永恆!





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