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April 23, 2011
Markie Darkie Benny the Dreamer official photos
Thanks Canada based artist Markie Darkie for taking these awesome official Benny the Dreamer photos!much appreciate...more
April 23, 2011
We all love Benny the Dreamer by OKEDOKI
Took some retro photos for Benny yesterday! He looks pretty good when he stands beside some old furnitures and clocks. These furnitures are my Dad's awesome long term collection. I truly love to take...more
April 15, 2011
Benny the Dreamer in SH
These beautiful Benny photos were taken by collector 01kkk in Shanghai China,more photos @ VTSS facebook。 感謝我的好友01kkk, 上上個周末帶著首批Benny the Dreamer, 回到上海, 也拍了這些色彩紛斕又意境滿百的照片。 Good shot! 其實收藏有很多的方式...more
April 12, 2011
Okedoki * VTSS Toys "Benny The Dreamer" review
Quote--"One of the really great things I am fortunate enough to participate in is seeing some new figures in person before the rest of the general public does in order to give my humble and hones...more
April 9, 2011
Intent of Benny the Dreamer--by OKEDOKI
I’ve always loved the dichotomy of innocence and wisdom. I wanted to combine these two aspects into one figure, and make it unified. That was how the enlightened multiple eye rabbit came about...more