Mai Hiro September exclusives release Today l January 22, 2018
Mai Hiro Press:
Lastly, the Mai Hiro online shop has been rather slow with keeping up with our promise of producing monthly customs, but never fear we do deliver. We currently try push new custom in the online shop, as well as an old favorite (just in case you missed out the first time). The Artist proof series continue with a new a new spikis chiisa "spikiemon" set will be available 9/2. Along with the spikiemon chaser spikimi only available small quantity. also available custom 5" SPikiemon Madl . If you're a fan, than you already now how rare these customs are. Each one is hand-painted by Nakanari: 100% acrylic. 100% brush. No taping. No spray. No BS. We hope you enjoy them.


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