Coarsetoy oopCr--two splendid sprouts Today l January 17, 2018
oopCr--two splendid sprouts

▼luster of life
The gleaming bodies of oop and aw! appear from thin air like an apparition. Dissecting time, they enter this dimension without a past. Their empty shells absorb the surroundings, rendering a crystalline vision of what is to come. A mirror to the future. 
The twins act as a parallel to destiny. On the exterior portraying a simple existence, but peer inside their shifting shapes and steal a glimpse of your own final outcome. 
Suspended in perfect balance, the oop cast neither shadow nor light. They simply reflect what they are exposed to. Choose to experience this miracle of being, and take the power to influence your destiny and theirs. 
Its all in your hands — let them shine.

▼[limited to 250 pcs],HK$ 1988,Price includes global airmail shipping
On sale October 11, 2011 exclusively at 
10:59 pm Hong Kong 
04:59 pm Berlin 
10:59 am New York 
07:59 am Los Angeles

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