It has been a long time – an update from coarse Today l October 20, 2017
Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk press:
Almost one year has passed since we offered our 1:1 paw! busts, as the second part of the bust duo. We kept you waiting for many months after the scheduled delivery. We sincerely apologize for the inconceivably long delay and are totally aware that we have failed badly. We feel very sorry for all frustration caused on your side.
Even though we started well prepared in the making – looking back today our plans to deliver gallery-quality pieces turned out to be very ambitious and brought us probably the most difficult year in our history. We personally spent hundreds of hours on site and got our hands dirty sanding, painting and polishing. 
It turned out that making the pieces is multiple times more difficult than we ever expected in our wildest dreams. And even more tough – it requires many highly skilled people to help us along the way. Life-size fiberglass pieces definitely opened new frontiers for us all. 
The size of the piece still requires highly accurate work with maximum attention to detail. If you are familiar with our demands concerning quality and attention to detail, this multiplies many times when it comes to pieces of this size which don't only need to look great from a distance, but also whenever you look closely. All this makes output incredibly slow with much more than 50 working hours going solely into your own piece. 
Having said this, and having found the best production flow, we are finally making good progress in getting your piece ready. We are only a few weeks away from beginning shipping at the end of this month, and will be sure to include a little something to say thanks for bearing with us all this time. 
We can't express how much we appreciate your patience, loyalty and trust. 
The entire team at coarse is highly motivated in bringing memorable pieces to your homes. 

Best from Hong Kong, 
Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk



就像我上回遇到Mark Landwehr,

期待paw! bust也是個滿分作品。


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