Coarsetoy paw! raw available now Today l February 24, 2018
paw! raw

這款作品看來應該是open edition(吧),

HK$ 1288 – price includes global shipping [Order qty per customer is not limited] 
Every 4th paw! raw comes with a unique sketch by coarse on the box.

well written!

In an age where change is the only constant, and many variables can detract from a pure artistic vision, coarse continues in search of “a spotless future”, where every aspect of our output is carefully considered and executed in the finest technique known to us – by hand.

Every coarse piece that arrives at your doorstep is brought into existence by unwavering attention to detail and relies almost entirely on handcraft. It is our most fundamental belief that we need to be “hands-on” involved in every stage of the creation process, in order to bring true artistry to you once you open your package. 

The making procedure may come as a surprise to some, since traditional techniques are applied that are often thought to be obsolete. From the initial coarse original art piece that are entirely sculpted, moulded and finished in our studio, the faith in handcrafts continues throughout the entire process to the completion of our vinyl pieces. Starting with mould making, casting, pulling vinyl parts, careful assembly, painting, detailed brushwork and concluding with diligent piece by piece quality checks, packing, wrapping and shipping. 

coarse has heart and soul in every piece. We trusts in hands.

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