Designer Toy Awards Official 2012 Nominations Today l February 18, 2018

Congratulations, Benny the Dreamer!!

The designer toy,designed by Okedoki and produced by VTSS, has taken up one of the last five nominations as Toy of the year in the Designer Toy Awards, which is held by Clutter Magazine. 

It's really an honor for the staff of newly founded VTSS and the artist Okedoki to have Benny stand out and nominated among numerous designer toys. If Benny the Dreamer wins the Award, we should really think about indulging ourselves in a big feast. 

In fact, earlier this month Benny the Dreamer had been nominated in the competition " Outstanding Production " which picked out 21 works in the first round. Though Benny the Dreamer failed to go for the final five, it proves that VTSS , with its insistence on the quality and innovation, has reached a certain achievement in the field of designer toys. 

This is the outline of the trophy designed by British designer Pete Fowler in the first Designer Toy Awards last year. Let's review the speech given by VTSS on this big event last year. 

"I think the founding of DTA serves as a positive gathering place of designing energy for toy designers. It is so far still a small market for designer toys in countries around the world. Such an activity as DTA, by successfully drawing public attention and marketing, is essential for this small market to remain dynamic and steadily growing. In the past, it was not common for the toy designers and companies to have a real mutual communication. Though works through collaboration between the two had been around, it was considered merely an interaction of works with little sense of belonging in this toy designing field. Through various first prizes decided by the players' votes, these prizes not only encourage the winners to make further progress in the future, but also provide opportunities for the collectors to get involved. Who will win the awards depends, but this indeed is the first step to the goal. I expect VTSS to be recognized some day How oddly surprising that an commentator in the beginning becomes one of the nominees!"

Do you still remember the work that won the prize " Toy of the Year" in the first Designer Toy Awards last year? KAWS 4ft companion! 

As the giant in the field of designer toy, Kaws lives up to its name through its masterpieces. Benny, which has the honor to get nominated this year, though not as good as Kaws, has earned its name and place. Thank those who have been accompanying VTSS. Your support is everything for the staff of VTSS. Also I want to thank all the collectors of Benny the Dreamer.Please take pride in what you have done for VTSS. 

Thanks Artist Okedoki

We will stick to the dream and keep moving forward.

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