Mold making of Stevie Today l December 18, 2017

Let's check the process of making a "Stevie" mold by artist Okedoki !! Not too many artists can sculpt and make a mold themselves,but Okedoki did. We can say this will keep 100% reality and creativity of art and also shows artist's personality. Okedoki is good on sculpting,painting and always has deep and advanced thoughts about showing her art. We all hope to see more and more her art works coming!!

Next process after the intial sculpt is to make a mould, and do a resin pour for the prototype. You're wondering why I'm doing all of this, instead of just sending the finished sculpt to VTSS for production. Its because I want to send Vince (VTSS) a resin prototype, and not a figure made of super sculpey (which is breakable). Also, I want to paint a finished prototype so Vince knows what colours I want and where. I enjoy this process very much, however it does take some time, since you dont want to make any errors. It takes about a full day to properly cure the silicone, and with 2 halves, it takes 2 days to finish one mould.

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