Dragon Boy VTSS "Heart of Gold" Edition Today l September 21, 2017

Dragon Boy VTSS "Heart of Gold" exclusive Edition. Designed by Martin Hsu. Produced by VTSS Creative Integration Co.,Ltd.We are proud to let you guys have a special choice of Dragon Boy. 7.5 inch tall in pvc and vinyl. 
$100USD per each.

Edition: 150pcs only. Each bronze gold special effect is hand-painted piece by piece. "Heart of Gold" is the only special hand painted effect edition of all dragon boy series. [限量150體,每款金色的特殊古銅質感刷色皆是手工彩繪上色,Dragon Boy系列作品唯一手工特殊上色限定款]

Dragon Boy VTSS "Heart of Gold" Edition will be officially released worldwide on July 31 at 11PM Taipei[Your Time Zone: 08 AM Los Angeles, 11 AM New York, 04 PM London, 12 PM (August 1) Tokyo.] Start to ship worldwide on August 26.


Go Grab your Dragon Boy HERE!!!!!! 

We also have OG and Purple Dragon Boy Edition re-stocked!!! Place your order together to save shipping fee!

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